A small, rural village in Northwestern Alethkar. Hearthstone has a population of about 250, and is the birthplace of Kaladin and Anaria, the latter being the daughter of a noble family forced to marry Brightlord Roshone. Following their arranged marriage, Roshone was murdered by the party, making Anaria the de facto ruler of the town.

Following Anaria’s death, Rydel, who was already her steward, became the de facto ruler in turn. The village served as the hub of the party for several months, during which time it was severely damaged by a storm. The village is still struggling to get back on its feet, especially after Highprince Sadeas raised the village’s taxes dramatically as a show of force to the party.

When the party left to go to Caemlyn, Rydel left Merion behind as the town’s Steward.

The town surgeon is Lirin, who has a large cache of gold that he has saved for the return of his son Kaladin.

Prior to the arrival of the party, the dominant religion of Hearthstone was Eastern Vorinism. However, Rydel began converting many of the village’s citizens to the Church of Athena, now consisting of more than half the town’s population. Merion also began gaining converts to the Church of Freya, which has a small but growing minority of worshippers.


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