Battle of Mourn's Landing

Mourn_s_Landing.jpgThe Battle of Mourn’s Landing was one of the most important events of our campaign. It marked the end of the 16-session Season 1 and the beginning of Season 2. Almost every character in the party was permanently affected in some way.

The “Battle” itself was not a military conflict between opposing armies, but rather a battle between the divided members of the party.


Several days prior to the battle, Magic Meteorologist predicted the coming of a storm to follow the one that nearly destroyed Hearthstone. This would turn out to play a pivotal role in the battle, as described below.

The night before the conflict, the party was hosting a town meeting on religious pluralism. The devotees of the Church of Athena and the much newer and smaller, yet growing Church of Freya were engaged in a dispute over control of the town. Violence seemed a distinct possibility, with members of both cults faiths approaching their leaders– Rydel and Merion respectively– with fanatical means of chasing out the “heretic” faith. The party agreed to host the meeting as a means of quelling the differences between the townsfolk before violence interrupted.

The meeting was a great success, until it became apparent that there was no alcohol with which to provide the attendees– a major factor behind the high turnout. Evren and Iggin were sent to Mourn’s Landing to buy alcohol from the liquor store.

Unfortunately, upon arriving, the two discovered that the liquor store had been robbed by teenagers. The two tracked down the culprits into the woods, where they found them drunk and skinny-dipping in a hot spring. They devised a plan to switch out the teens’ drinks with their Potion of Fire-Breathing. This causes the teens to breathe fire all over each other, killing everyone in the hot spring except for Evren and Iggin, who escaped, taking the drinks with them, and leaving fake suicide notes in the forest to misdirect any investigators.

When they leave the forest, they find search parties of distraught villagers searching all over for the missing teenagers. They lie to one of the search parties when interrogated about their whereabouts, but the search party does not believe them. Evren and Iggin attempt to flee, but are cut off, and are forced to lead the villagers back to the site of the hot spring. They manage to convince the villagers that the teenagers committed mass suicide, and that Evren and Iggin were not responsible. The villagers let them go, and they return back to Hearthstone.

Hearthstone got word of the missing teenagers and their mass suicide

Battle of Mourn's Landing

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