Alethkar is an enormous kingdom in the Southeast of the Westlands, bordering Andor to the East and Cairhien to the North. The people of Alethkar are known as Alethi, and typically have tan skin, black hair, and tall height. It is the strongest military power in all the Westlands in terms of army size and number of Shardblades and Shardplate, possessing a standing army of over 100,000 soldiers and dozens of Blades and Plate.

The kingdom’s current ruler is Elhokar Kolin, who took power six years ago after the assassination of his father, Gavilar Kholin. It is divided into 10 “Princedoms,” each ruled by a Highprince. The Princedoms are named after their reigning Highprinces, and are as follows:

  • Aladar
  • Bethab
  • Hatham
  • Roion
  • Ruthar
  • Sadeas
  • Sebarial
  • Thanadal
  • Vamah
  • Kholin (Part of the Royal Family)

The kingdom has only been fully unified for about 10 years, having beforehand consisted of the above warring princedoms. It was the charismatic King Gavilar who unified them through conquest and diplomacy.

In accordance with the state religion of Eastern Vorinism, social status in the Kingdom is based on eye color. The upper class consist of those with light-colored eyes, or “lighteyes,” while the lower class is made up of those with dark-colored eyes, or “darkeyes.” Lighteyes have 10 different ascending ranks of social order called “Dahn,” while darkeyes have the same system, but with ranks called “Nahn.” The bottommost class are slaves, consisting of darkeyes who have become slaves as a punishment or been born into slavery. In the former case, after committing a crime worthy of this punishment, a darkeyes will receive a permanent slave brand on their forehead. Slaves in Alethkar are actually paid a trifling amount, and may in theory buy themselves out of slavery by paying their “slave debt.” But in practice, this never happens.

Alethkar possesses a special kind of unintelligent nonhuman race called Parshmen, who are bred and prized as obedient slaves.

Following the assassination of King Gavilar, Alethkar has been at war with the perpetrators of the act, the Parshendi– an intelligent form of Parshmen– for the last 6 years, in a conflict known as the War of Reckoning.


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